Boxes For Sale

To arrange a purchase for any of the following items, please send us an Email. Make sure to mention the catalog number(s). We will get back to you to arrange payment and shipping details. Shipping within the USA is included in the purchase price.

Painted Peonies Dresser Box

A burned and painted floral pattern, further embellished with lots of lathe chatter on the top of the lid, the side of the box and base, and even on the bottom.

#001:      $75.00


Occupied Japan Coaster Set

Painted butterfly and camellia design on this coaster set, in excellent condition. Complete set, with 8 coasters.

#002:      $50.00


Miyajima Carved Dresser Box

A wonderful carving job, with a surprise on the underside of the lid.

#003:      $40.00


Miyajima Carved Hair Receiver

A hair receiver in very good condition. Recessed hole surrounded by lathe chatter is a nice touch.

#004:      $65.00


Butterfly and Flower Carved Box

Unusual carved design on this cylindrical box. Only in fair condition with cracked lid.

#005:      $28.00


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