We have come to understand that these boxes probably originated as a regional handcraft of Miyajima.

When we found a webpage (which is no longer available) which showed some information about Miyajima Woodcrafts, we emailed the proprietors of the website, asking for more information, and got back the following email, with some interesting images:

Thank you for your e-meil. We are very happy that you are interested in Miyajima woodcrafts that we are very proud of as one of the Hiroshima's traditional handcrafts.

In Miyajima Town various tipes of woodcrafts are still being made by craftmans. Some information about Miyajima woodcrafts today are on attached sheets.

Thank you.

Here are the images which they sent us:

A friend of ours, in Japan, found an interview with the last craftsman who is still doing the traditional Miyajima styled carving.

Although the similarities are compelling, many of the common elements which we have noted on the boxes in our collection are missing in the modern work, including lathe chatter, dark staining and painted designs. Therefore, we are not totally convinced that we have fully discovered the origins of our boxes.

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