Smoking Set

This set consists of a tray, a tobacco box, and 2 small holders. The tray is 8½ inches in diameter. The tobacco box is 6 inches tall by 3¼ inches in diameter. Each of the little containers is 2 inches tall by 1½ inches in diameter.

The little containers were probably used to hold stick matches and pipe cleaners.

Box With 2 Lids

This box is 4 inches tall by 2½ inches in diameter. The inner lid is the one with the handle and fits tightly inside the inner lip of the box. The outer lid fits over the inner lip. It is very tight and rather thin. As a result, the side of the lid has a split. This box has some lovely carving on the side, depicting Miyajima.

Elaborate Carving

This box lid is 6¼ inches in diameter. It has the most elaborate and beautiful carving that we have seen on any of the boxes of this genre. It depicts the Itskushima Shrine and its surroundings at Miyajima.

Copyright 2000 by Marc Kahn; All rights reserved.

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